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Review of Anvesh Jain's Pilgrim to No Country

Someone Stop Me From Saying 'Liminality' in Casual Conversation

A collection of publications, including reviews, articles, essays, and creative short fiction:

Review of Anvesh Jain's "Pilgrim to No Country," FreeFall Literary Magazine (2023)

21 Cigarettes, Acta Victoriana Literary Magazine (2021)

Surface, Pigment, Image, Light: How Technology and Convention Jointly Function to Create the Illusion of Medium, Arbor Journal of Undergraduate Research (2021)

Remembering Tactility: A Lament for Print Journalism, Award-Winning Essay (Lorne Tepperman Prize in Public Writing, 2022)

Someone Stop Me From Saying 'Liminality' in Casual Conversation, The Varsity (2021)

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